. When you guide your daughter through something new, you take her through it step by step. (Again, I reiterate: only in the faith. A heartfelt speech peppered with some funny, self-effacing, slightly mischievous lines would likely be just right. Do these stories work, or would a different one make my point better? She'd never seen that kind of double standard before. He actually had to memorize his Torah portion in order to be able to read it up here at the bimah! Halachic Times. But that girl who had the rumors spread about her? Have you been asked to give a salutatorian speech, and you're not sure how to start? Watching you blossom this year has been one of the most rewarding things I have seen in my life and I am honored that Hashem has blessed me with such a wonderful son. Of course, for this to work, you'll have to start brainstorming in advance. She's sitting by Sarah's side, waiting to make the best friend speech. Owings Mills, Maryland 21117 (Remember, all of her friends will be listening.). My sister Ayala, you are also very important to me. Jokes have a specific structure a setup and punch line, not the other way around. And now, finally Michael, you can begin to take control of your life starting with figuring out what kind of man you want to be. And after youre done writing your speech Id love for you to share it in the comments below Ill be more than happy to add it to the article! When we celebrate Shabbos every Friday night and make the prayers on the candles and bread and wine, were connecting to every other Jewish person on the earth who are also doing the exact same thing we are doing. Its almost annoying. Im so happy to see you all here for my Bar Mitzvah. Since then, the ceremony has evolved according to Jewish traditions and beliefs. He lives with his wife and family in Ramat Beit Shemesh, Israel. 8 /Filter /DCTDecode >> Heres an outline you can use to write your Bar/Bat Mitzvah speech: Note: I included a bunch of Bar/Bat Mitzvah speech examples at the end of this article that follows this precise outline. SMS Shabbat Times. Do you remember the scene in Harry Potter when all of the good guys raise their hands up towards the sky and the light blows away the evilness of Voldemort? So today, on your Bar Mitzvah, I hope you understand that this is the ending of your have-tos and the beginning of your want-tos. A huge project. Michael, I love you with all of my heart. One more level mom! Focus your story on your son/daughters qualities and likes. More like entry to pre-algebra and the local mall. By Tess Weinreich April 24, 2023. In addition, it is typical to tie in the theme of your talk into something from the weekly Torah reading, especially the one the Bar Mitzvah boy read. When you give a speech you shouldnt sound like an English professor you should sound like YOU. Sibling rivalry, is the focus of the parasha. One that I think you excel at playing. Sometimes your mother and I argue who you got it from (clearly, it came from me). They are called (in ascending order) Nefesh, Ruach, Neshama, Chaya, and Yechida. The Intro. Thank you Parker, Tess, and all my friends. Another strategy is to take deep breaths. Candle Lighting Times. Firstly, I want to thank you all for coming and more . JFIF H H Exif MM * J R( i Z , , 8Photoshop 3.0 8BIM 8BIM% B~XICC_PROFILE HLino mntrRGB XYZ 1 acspMSFT IEC sRGB -HP cprt P 3desc lwtpt bkpt rXYZ gXYZ , bXYZ @ dmnd T pdmdd vued L view $lumi meas $tech 0 rTRC. I hope she will always be. Take Notes: Notice how she uses a combination of stories, analogies, metaphors (from the Gaming world, of all places!). People overestimate the importance of the words and underestimate the importance of tone and body language. Mitzvot would not bring such a person closer to God. You are truly bat mitzvah. endobj Noah was righteous. When boys are younger than age 13, and 12 for girls because everyone knows girls are more mature than boys, they are unaware of their spiritual selves. So, where are there computers in the Torah?. First, you write an honest, heartfelt, serious speech, to get all of the mushy, poignant, tear-jerking stuff that needs to be said down on paper. Now, you might be thinking: OK, funny guy. Let me take you back to the beginning of Rachel's bat mitzvah preparations. He is leaving behind the era of being a child completely run by adults and is beginning to be able to spread his wings. Instead, just write the way that you talk. Leah and I are lucky in that we have a great friendship. Are you excited because its your childs Bar/Bat Mitzvah? But as someone who was born already possessing the abilities the Tefillin will help you acquire, let me tell you it is worth it. She wants to talk to you about a woman's right to think, to dress herself, to be angry if she feels angry well, let's let Hannah put it in her own words. That doesnt mean you shouldnt have your notes with you when you speak. He can behave if he feels he will get something out of it. (Of course this is a gradual process, which for some begins much younger, while for others only barely begins at 13.). Here are a couple of speaking tips to keep in mind while you practice: Ideally, youd want to keep it somewhere between 3-10 minutes. I just wish him all the happiness in the world and dont want anyone to have the power to take that away from him. God on Psychedelics? And if you choose to continue with your Jewish learning, there is no telling what you can accomplish. He thinks Haf-Torah means 50 percent of the regular scroll., When writing about someones career or hobbies, its important to stay away from anything too tragic or embarrassing. Sample 1: The Value of Learning . Entry to adulthood? The purpose of this step is to start building a framework for your speech and give you a jumping-off point. This helps the piece to flow smoothly and sound polished. That led to a big discussion on human sovereignty and sacrifices in history. There's no need to dive right in like that. A Bar Mitzvah boy can therefore forgive willingly part with his own property or his needs for the sake of someone else. Adam Gropman is a professional comedic speechwriter who can be found online at thefunnybiz.biz. Birthday Lookup. Life-long skills. Being Uncomfortable is Important Sometimes. Miriam Snyder, a cantorial soloist from LA, gave me an interesting example from her sons Bar Mitzvah: You dont have to make your guests cry on purpose but hey, if youre Americas next rising star (or whichever country youre from) then go hit the stage! My youngest daughter became bat mitzvah yesterday, so I guess it is a milestone in both of our lives. Unfortunately (or fortunately) youll be the writer, editor, and in this case also the speaker. If you wait until the night before the ceremony to start thinking of stories, you won't have time to let the ideas and memories come as they will. It will be like a friendship, but one that is selfless. Bar/Bat Mitzvah Speech Example #2: Short, Sweet & Funny. Youve got your first draft written down. 2 0 obj He also serves as a volunteer writer for Torah.org. Youre a very talented young man but talent can only get you so far in life. But its important to try them out on a small inner circle beforehand. One, we should move to a neighborhood with nicer people. 2. Now, I dont expect you to hire an editor to write a speech. You'll probably feel a little (read: a LOT) nervous before you speak, that's normal. The purpose of the Tefillin is to, besides becoming closer to G-d, connect the heart and the mind together. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. The life of todays teenager cries out for some comedic relief. (Excerpted from MitzvahChic, A New Approach to Hosting a Bar or Bat Mitzvah That is Meaningful, Hip, Relevant, Fun & Drop-Dead Gorgeous, available at www.mitzvahchic.com.) Rabbi Rosenfeld's son Zvi recently published his first book, The Ring of Fate, a riveting, fast-paced fantasy novel which is also completely kosher in both language and subject matter. The crowd is expectant, the silence is nearly devastating and all eyes are focused on mom. This was intentional to illustrate how crucial it is to practice your speech and repeat it several times. We just sometimes think he should.. If they are all pretty salty and irreverent, up and down, you can go a lot farther than if they are primarily prim, proper and socially conservative. One of the strategies to get me through things that are hard for me is to take breaks. Another thing you enjoy playing video games is the challenge of learning how to win at the various levels. The next day, Rachel came into the kitchen for breakfast, sat down, and said Dad, I figured it out. Two, that if you're going to ask a hypothetical question, you shouldn't ask it of a 95-year-old without someone there to help. Then you're ready to write! I am so proud of you and may you be blessed with health and happiness for all the days of your life! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. So, I am going to take the analogy of computers and Judaism a little bit further than the Rebbe did. Her position in the lineup doesnt make things any easier. %PDF-1.3 Dec 11, 2018 | Compose.ly . I also learned that the Torah is the Jewish book of laws and teachings. But how does one write a funny bar mitzvah speech? It takes a little work, but it is certainly doable for those with the least bit of comedic abilities. How has your Jewish faith and community shaped your daughter's life? It took me close to a year to put all of this together and for good reason. People have short attention spans. Judaism can do the same thing for you. My daughter is a good person. A Bar Mitzvah is a wonderful rite of passage, and a celebration of commitment with family and friends present. No, I didnt hit CTRL+C and CTRL+V 3 times by accident. ( Numbers 12:15) "The people did not travel: This honor was accorded her by the Omnipresent because of the time she remained with Moses when he was cast into the river, as it says ( Exodus 2:4), 'His sister stood by from . This is a weird and difficult enough time as it is, with changing voices, hormones and friends. Dont worry, I like keeping things simple. It is sold by Booklocker.com, as well as by Amazon.com and all the major on-line sellers. Up until now, Michaels life hasnt really been fully his. Turning 13 means youll be able to fulfill more Mitzvot, such as the wearing of Tefillin. She went up and down the street, asking everyone if the governor told everyone to evacuate, would they just go, or would they make sure everyone had heard? Alissa Symon with her husband Rabbi Elazar Symon. That is kind of what I think happens when we light the candles on Friday night. But there is nothing as fulfilling and rewarding as growing outside ourselves and building a true relationship with someone we love. Hayden's Bar Mitzvah Speech. Some bat mitzvah speeches are very reverent and have all of the gravitas of a formal religious ceremony. 6 0 obj Dont force the joke spare us the a Jew and a Muslim walk into a bar kind of jokes. 14 0 obj Now teenagers probably dont talk about faith too much. If youre sharing a personal story speak with emotion. Tip: Dont be a perfectionist about it. But under the floor, cables connect all these machines so they work as one.. Our friendship is growing and changing too. >> << /Length 15 0 R /Type /XObject /Subtype /Image /Width 1563 /Height 2500 And that was just the lox plate. Or, Debbies a certified public accountant. Here is a touching and tender one from a mother, who is proud of the woman her daughter is growing up to become. Youre our one and only son. There is no need to use high words in order to write a beautiful speech, as long as the words you write come straight from your heart and are meaningful and true. Professor Abraham Polichenco, a pioneer in computer technology, visited the Lubavitcher Rebbe and posed a question to him: I know that everything that exists in the world, even something that we discover later in history, has its source somewhere in the Torah. And yet, I believe religion is a very important part of a persons life morally and spiritually has played a huge role in the history of the human race and shouldnt disappear because of its archaicness. Bar/bat Mitzvah Speech: How To Write The Perfect Speech (ideas + Examples) Tefillin is not another thing you have to do because you are Jewish and your father and I said it, it is a desire. If you're still having trouble with writing a bat mitzvah speech, don't feel guilty. Now that weve got a rough outline time to think of what we actually want to say. Take Notes:Storytelling at its best: authentic, engaging and entertaining. Rabbi and Friends: A Bat Mitzvah is a time of great celebration in a family. Uncles, aunts, grandparents, siblings, cousins, friends, neighbors, colleagues not to mention the rabbi and cantor all hope for something funny to change the mood, or at least something interesting and perhaps unexpected. The first is a welcome statement, another is a statement of thanks given during the section in which prayers of thanks are recited. We know that in a sense we are privileged. When you edit edit. Frankly, I believe you, Michael, have already begun to develop as a man. The occasion is her son's bar mitzvah and she wants her speech to strike just the right chord a blend of poignant, interesting, relevant, terse and funny. But when a person can think beyond himself, he can begin a true relationship with God. Open Document. endstream Michael, youre now about to begin a new era in your progression as a man. They would just drive him away. In 1974, two languages dominated the bar mitzvah speech of my father, Joe Mishell, "Yossi" to his family. Ask the Rabbi Ive learned its important to use my words when Im mad. Write down the best jokes she's told you and the worst ones you've told her. Does the person regularly joke about these topics upon meeting a total stranger? You might try: Herman is quite the surgeon. Finish by writing an attention-grabbing introduction that mentions or alludes to your theme. Making a public joke about someones attractiveness, baldness or obesity can be embarrassing for a family member or friend unless they are open and comfortable with such issues. Its a time when family members make a great effort to be present no matter how far they have to travel. She can tell if you sound like yourself or not, and it will be more comfortable for her if you do. You can train him to act ethically and altruistically, but most often only due to the promise of reward or the threat of punishment. This is where you turn a blurb of text into something worth reading (or in this case, something worth listening to). Chabad Locator. For females, this is done at 12 . My Rachel is smart. Read our tips and examples of speeches from a mother and a father . As they say in the Spider-Man comics, with great power comes great responsibility. What is the lesson that it teaches? Is my introduction catchy and does my conclusion wrap it up neatly? How has your daughter lived that lesson? A satin sash cinches the waist, stitched into a loopy, oversized bow. Yes, I know they were in Hebrew, and I know I've been hearing you practice them for months, but it never gets old. I didnt know too much about the Hebrew language before I learned the prayers. She's been like this all through her schooling always making sure no one is left out or made fun of. By submitting this form, you are granting: The Shafer Center, 11500 Cronridge Drive, Owings Mills, Maryland, 21117, United States, http://www.theshafercenter.com permission to email you. >> >> If its too long, edit your speech and try to make it shorter and snappier (remember RRRR). There are a lot of people who inspire me and I want to say thank you. Long before she started preparing to become a daughter of the commandment, she was a daughter of your family. The competition was caused by the parents' favoritism. Youre probably already emotional, so that should be easy. Bar and/or Bat Mitzvah speeches are a wonderful chance to celebrate the coming of age and a milestone life event in Jewish life. Its the talent, combined with your hard work that makes you so successful. If that happens, then before you give your Bar/Bat Mitzvah speech: Take a few deeeeeeeep breaths. Part of comedy comes from specificity, so when punching a joke writing the ending words fish can usually be replaced by halibut or red snapper, and car can usually be replaced by Prius or Buick Skylark. Some words just sound funny, like halibut and Prius. Develop your feel for that, and then use words that have a sharp, crisp, funny sound. You spin the dreidel and see if you get a gimmel, hay, nun, or shin. Relax. Before you start burning the midnight oil, you might want to start off with a plan first. Thank you Grandma and Pop Pop, for the awesome sleepovers. Your heart is in another. [emailprotected]. But use it as a helper, not as a guide. Thank you mom for all the coupons you give me and you are a good mom. Please select your Torah portion from this list for more resources, including themes and lessons to enhance your Bar Mitzvah speech. Heres a good example of a father telling the emotional story of his Bar Mitzvah being born. If need be, watch and listen to some excellent speech-givers or roasters for an idea of timing and attitude. 1248 The occasion is her sons bar mitzvah and she wants her speech to strike just the right chord a blend of poignant, interesting, relevant, terse and funny. F: 410.517.2113 Yehudis Fletcher at her batmitzvah. Read our tips and examples of groom speeches and learn how to get it right. Your mother and I love you very much Forever and always! Some of my favorite Jewish traditions with my family are celebrating Rosh Hashanah and Hannukah. Yosef, I dont know if you know how proud I am of you and everything youre doing: For those of you who dont know: Yosef is at the top of his class, at the top of his Judo team and pretty much everywhere else. Thank you, everyone, for joining us tonight in celebrating our beloved son's Bar . We wish the world was a more peaceful place and that everybody respected your rights. I think she might say the same thing about me. Your Neighbors. Email Subscriptions. (It translates to compassion, for Rachel's Gentile friends.). And this creates a problem if we want to give our set to our younger children to fulfill the mitzvah. In fact, I PROMISE you: if you keep working hard throughout your life, youll achieve amazing things in life, in Torah, in Judo, everywhere. Now is the time you will learn who you really want to be and what kind of man you will become. The body of the piece will take up about 80 percent of your speaking time and will include the most detail, so start there.
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