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front door refinishing

Among the abundance of painters in the market, only a select few possess the expertise to skillfully refinish high-end millwork and wood doors. Darryl, the owner, has honed his painting and refinishing skills over the years, mastering the intricacies of each project that comes his way.

Recently, we were contacted by homeowners who had received a recommendation from a well-known Seattle area painter. Their custom door, crafted and finished in Central America, had endured a decade of exposure, resulting in significant wear and tear, necessitating a complete restoration. To accomplish this task, we meticulously removed all iron details, carefully uninstalled the doors, and diligently sanded down the door, sidelights, and trim finish to reveal the bare wood.

To retain the door’s original charm, we went the extra mile to source the exact stain and sealing product originally used by the manufacturer. With precision and attention to detail, we reinstalled the doors, ensuring that the iron details were flawlessly integrated.

The project presented its challenges, but the homeowners were immensely grateful for the remarkable outcome. Now, their Custom Entry stands proudly, exuding a magnificent aura that befits its high-end status.


From the owner: 

I hired Healthy Painting to refinished my front door.  Darryl’s team was professional, knowledgeable, considerate and focused. The results were wonderful.  I would not hesitate to work with Healthy Painting again in the future.”


Front Door Refinishing