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interior emf shielding

We like to take on unique projects to improve the overall health of our community and learn in the process. We completed the project on a deadline and worked with the clinic to have minimal impact on their practice. 

This world-renowned clinic contacted our office from a well known EMF consultant that we have worked with over the last couple of years.  One of their clinic rooms needed to be completed within a week, during business hours.  This project required careful needs and attention because, they serve and care for patients that have a wide range of medical sensitivities. 

We used the most durable and ecofriendly paints for this project and used our HEPA filtration system throughout the entire project to reduce airborne fumes and dust.  Additionally, the room needed to be sealed. For extra precaution track-off sticky mats were placed at the entrance to reduce the amount of dust and particulate from leaving the clinic room.  


Interior EMF Shielding


Sophia Health Institute