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Lead Paint Remediation Jobs are more serious than most people may assume. Proper precautions to capture the particles is crucial for the sake of our families and our environment. Here at Healthy Painting we have professional training on how to accomplish this with care. Including:

  • Washington State Certificate of Business Formation
  • Washington State Business License
  • IRS Employee Identification Number Assignment
  • EPA Lead Firm Certification
  • Darryl Whalen Lead Renovator Certification
  • Thomas Mower Lead Renovator Certification
  • Labor & Industries Contractor License
  • Certificate of Business Bond
  • Certificate of Business Insurance
  • City of Seattle Business License
  • Washington State Department Of Revenue Reseller Permit
  • Vehicle Liability Insurance Policy

For all lead exterior projects we take extra precautions from the start to completion, our standard practice includes complete containment of surfaces being prepped, use of HEPA vacuums, minimal disturbance to work areas, and removal and disposal of all lead debris from worksite. We take great care in both lead interior and exterior remediation projects.  We utilize zipper doors, sticky mats, and HEPA air filtration systems to protect your family and our workers. 


Exterior Lead Paint Remediation


South Seattle