Healthy Painting


Exterior Lead Paint
Remediation & Re-Side

Before starting lead paint remediation we worked with the homeowners to replace the vinyl siding on the Southside of their home as it was in poor condition.  After removal of the old siding, we installed fiber cement siding that would provide a durable long lasting surface.  All the newly installed siding was primed and painted.  See what the homeowners have to say:

   “Healthy Painting LLC replaced some siding and tackled a decade-overdue painting of my 92-yr-old mother’s 1940s house. It was transformed into the navy blue (with a bright red door) home she had always dreamed of.  Every step of the process – from Darryl’s detailed proposal to Tom and the crew’s attention to health, safety, quality work, and customer service was top notch. The project was on time and on budget. Also, they never failed to treat my elderly mom with kindness – even painting a few smiley faces on the opaque plastic that covered her windows to entertain her during the days when she couldn’t look out to spy on the neighbors ;-).  She loved it!  We couldn’t be happier with the process and the result.  I highly recommend HP!”


NOTE: In many cases, surfaces and siding on the south side of homes are in much worse condition than the other faces of the exterior – the sun and weather deteriorate the siding and finish at a much faster rate.  We often recommend that homeowners may want to paint/stain these areas more frequently to extend the life of the exterior


Exterior Lead Paint Remediation & Re-Side