Healthy Painting


As a service-oriented company, the main focus of Healthy Painting is to deliver the highest quality result for each client in the healthiest manner possible. We offer insight, education, comfort, and trust in a confident and comfortable manner. We welcome clients who are engaged in each step of the project as well as clients who hire us for our experience and reputation. You can count on us to be satisfied with the results. Here is a look at exactly what to expect from us, from the free estimate all the way through the follow-up of a completed job.

“I am very happy with the paintwork on my house. Healthy Painting was very fastidious about the details. No overspray, excellent masking, careful to not damage plants around the periphery of the house, and friendly. Healthy painting has worked on several houses on my street and the word-of-mouth recommendations are all great”
Chris, West Seattle
“The work that the Health Painting team did on our house was incredible. Everyone that worked at our house was a pleasure to work with and took great care/attention to detail painting our 1926 house. We also appreciated the care Healthy Painting took to ensure safety prepping an old house with former lead paint.”
Sarah & Vince, Madison Park
“Healthy Painting took on an unusual project for me related to my sensitivity to man-made radiation. It was new territory for all of us and they tackled it with a lot of care and attention. They are kind, honest, and very caring and I really appreciate them!”
Sara, Mt. Baker
“I have worked with Healthy Painting on numerous projects over the years, and because of that, I have total trust in them. Happy to give them a key to the house, trust their advice, and know they will treat my property with respect. Darryl and Sara are always positive and responsive!”
Trika, Wallingford
“We are so appreciative of all you have done to make things right for us. Your workmanship is stellar.”
Signe & Trevor, Leschi
“Working with Tom, Darryl, Sara, and the whole team was a delight: from the 1st inspection, the very detailed estimate, the careful prep work (expect tapers!), beautiful paint job, a fastidious job of clean-up and last inspection. I would hire the Healthy Painters again without hesitation and have all ready given glowing recommendations to my friends and family! Thank you for giving my little house a new glow!”
Linda, North Seattle – July, 2021