Healthy Painting

Our Healthy Practices

Many of our clients seek out our expertise for the best personal and environmental health practices on painting and home improvement projects. We work with you to decide what the best products and work methods are for your project. We provide healthier alternatives to the standard painting and painting-related services. There is so much more to being a healthy company than using a can of paint that has the words “green” “eco” and “low or no voc” printed on the label. Healthy Painting is a certified lead paint business; our project managers are certified lead paint renovators who are trained and certified through the Renovation, Repair and Painting Program.

Healthy Painting FAQ’s
Does your house have lead paint?

  • Most houses built before 1978 contain lead paint
  • Although your house may have since been painted using non-lead paint, your home still contains layers of lead paint beneath and still poses a risk of exposure
  • Lead-based paints are most dangerous when it is deteriorating—peeling, chipping, chalking, cracking, etc.

Why is lead paint bad for my health?

  • Lead exposure can cause damage to body, brain and nervous system
  • Lead may also cause behavioral problems, learning disabilities and seizures

Licences & Certification

  • Washington State Certificate of Business Formation
  • Washington State Business License
  • IRS Employee Identification Number Assignment
  • EPA Lead Firm Certification
  • Darryl Whalen Lead Renovator Certification
  • Thomas Mower Lead Renovator Certification
  • Labor & Industries Contractor License
  • Certificate of Business Bond
  • Certificate of Business Insurance
  • City of Seattle Business License
  • Washington State Department Of Revenue Reseller Permit
  • Vehicle Liability Insurance Policy

Additional Education & Training

  • Essentials for Healthy Housing Practitioners Training
  • Master Home Environmentalist Training
  • Healthy Homes for Building Professionals Training

Containment Practices

  • We prevent ANY debris from getting outside of the work area throughout the entire project
  • Zipper Doors

Products, Materials & Supplies

  • Our first choice is always healthy and eco friendly “Premium” products throughout the entire project.

Work Site Cleaning & Maintenance Practices

  • HEPA Vacuums
  • Sticky Walk-Off Mats
  • JET Air Filtration Systems
  • Entire work area will be cleaned and maintained throughout project
  • Thorough cleaning of ALL work areas will be done at the project’s completion

Responsible Disposal & Recycling of All Project Waste

  • All debris will be properly disposed of accordingly to EPA laws and regulations
  • Recycling done when applicable/possible

Special Areas of Expertise

  • Lead Paint Remediation
  • EMF Shielding
  • MCSD (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Disorder)
  • Allergy & Upper Respiratory

“For the health of your home and the sake of your family”

What makes Healthy Painting the best choice for your home are techniques and practices that prioritize health, safety and the environment. Healthy Painting is a certified lead paint business in addition to employing certified lead paint renovators who are trained and certified through the Renovation, Repair, and Painting Program.

-Darryl Whalen; Owner & Operator

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